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10 Things We Learned from Falling Skies Episode 8.24.14

falling_skies_season_4Last night’s episode of Falling Skies was my favorite of the current season so far. I was getting weary of the beaten down, nothing going right, one crisis after another Second Mass. I wanted to see a ray of hope and victory on some level. I got that last night with Lexi waking up and smelling the Espheni coffee so to speak. Here are some observations:

  1. Matt and Hal are still super annoying and Ben is always likeable.
  2. Maggie is a ho.
  3. Lexi pulled off the red cape thingy.
  4. Ann is still a hoty.
  5. Pope’s I don’t care but I really do care shtick is getting old and redundant.
  6. Tom is getting a little full of himself, but I like it. #hubris
  7. The whole drawing straws thing was weak.
  8. Are they going to find the girl with the whistle and what are they going to do with her?
  9. What happened to Mira Sorvino (Sarah – Popes Girlfriend) did she bail last week?
  10. Why are the Espheni so tall?


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Dr. Mullifort Wallace and His Itching Problem

The Maycomb County mosquito epidemic started in early May, but was not declared an epidemic until sometime the middle of June by Dr. Mullifort Wallace. Doc Mullifort had not been bitten by a mosquito since the epidemic, which he thought was both ironic and fortunate. What was not fortunate was that he had lice and bed bugs.

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Fall, Football, and the Heat

By: bark

I love the fall, but find August to be pretty sucky. I guess that’s how it got the name “August”, am I right? The reason that August sticks in my craw (scrotum) is because of the heat and humidity. I mean, I have had just about enough of this and I find myself miserable suffering through long boring hot days with nothing to do. I actually have plenty of chores (de-tick Betsy) but I’m just too hot to want to do them. I find myself all sprawled out on my couch in a dark room wearing my favorite pair of jorts.

The only, and I mean only, redeeming quality of August is the fact that fall and football are just around the corner. Fall is wonderful with its crisp air and beautiful fall color. It gives me energy and makes me want to go out and de-tick Betsy (my neighbor). Also, I absolutely love football. I never played football as a kid or in high school, but for some reason I have really gotten into it in my middle age years. My favorite is college football, but I like the NFL too. So when you combine my love for fall and football, I guess it is easy to see why I love August so much. Just kidding, I hate it.

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My favorite pet growing up was my cat Lizzy.  She could be a little moody, but most of the time she was very sweet and playful.  We called her Lizzy, because like a chameleon, she could change colors.  This usually happened about a day after she was run over.  Sometimes she would change herself into a kitten too.  She lives with my parents now and is 147 cat years old. Happy Birthday Lizzy!

FIRST HDR © by Formula_d

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A Visit to the Blog

So, this is what it is like. The blog.  I haven’t been here in a while.  Facebook world has been my domain for many months.  I have missed some of the subtle nuances of blogging.  Facebook is convenient but feels formulaic and sticky. It is like looking through the world in glasses made of other glasses that had not been cleaned in months.  I’m not saying things are going to change.  That is not what I’m saying at all. All I’m saying is that will someone clean these damn glasses.

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Fall Guy

My favorite thing about the fall is the changing of the leaves.  The brilliant colors are inspiring and soothing at the same time.  I also enjoy watching TV and getting into all the new shows on the Fall TV line up.  Unfortunately I lost my TV guide in a pile of leaves.  Note to self:  Chop down trees.

fall leaf © by ninja 4 life

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