Bayou Vampire

He sat on the levy and stared out at the bayou. The sun would be coming up soon and he needed to get back to his levy- mud-cave and tell the other clown vampires that his idea that they should all wear squeaky shoes had just cost them the lives of two of the most loveable clown vampires you could ever meet. (Rest in peace Fangy and Joel)

dawnwin / Pixabay

The Long Walk Home

Long walks had a way clearing his head. Every time he took a long walk he wondered why he did not do it more often. Something about the fresh air and his feet hitting the ground that seemed to melt away stress and calm him in some calming way. Even when it was cold and windy or raining, he loved these long walks. Pretty soon he started doing them daily and if he missed one, he would pitch a fit and crawl under his desk in the fetal position and suck his thumb. He also loved naps and fresh milk.

PublicDomainArchive / Pixabay

Foolish Chases

Sometimes I find myself thinking back to critical moments in my life and pondering whether the decision I made at the time was the right one.  In hindsight it is clear which path is correct, yet at the time I made the best decision I could with the information that I had.

We have to take our gut feelings, our intuitions and the facts as we know them, and make a call and live with the consequences. I may not always appreciate the consequences of past decisions, but I have to be careful not to beat myself up too much about making a foolish choice, when at the time, the foolishness of the choices wasn’t obvious.

This type contemplation takes patience and work and is not the natural course that most humans follow.  If I were a dog I could avoid all of this internal wrangling and tussling and  not have to deal with this vexing turmoil.  This is because a choice made two years ago by a dog is like a choice made 14 years ago in dog years.  Somehow this makes me feel better because I was so young and only had the intellect of a dog (or puppy) which prevented me from knowing that catching my tail was a pointless and fruitless exercise only resulting in frustration and sharp pains of embarrassment, humiliation, and a mouth full of tail fur.

coffy / Pixabay

Fancy Snow Feast

AllAnd / Pixabay

I always find it funny when I’m stranded in my house after a big snow storm. It is even funnier when they cut the heat off because I haven’t paid the bill. What is even funnier is when all I have to eat is cat food. Okay, I see this not making sense. My mistake. In the preceding sentences change the word “I” to “you” and then it is funny. (Except for the first “I”, leave that one alone). Okay, now I’m confused, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I get a kick out of the thought of you being cold and eating pet food.

The Thoughts in My Head