Penny Garage Sale

Just the other day my nephew asked me the difference between a “Garage Sale” and a “Yard Sale.”  I told him that a yard sale was when people pulled old things or things they no longer wanted out into their yard and other people would come and buy them.  I then told him that a garage sale is when people leave their things in their garage, but you can come in and still buy them…and that if you waited until the owners were not at home, that’s when you got the best deals.  Look…an air compressor – one penny!


I enjoy hiking.  I usually prefer to be in a golf cart, and I drive the golf cart along hiking trails.  Sometimes the cart gets stuck and I have to hike back to the ranger station.  If that is not killing two birds with one stone then I don’t know what is.  I don’t really kill the birds.  I do throw stones at birds, but the chances of me hitting one and killing it are very remote.  That would be somethin’ though, wouldn’t it?

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