Horrible Balls

id you know that soccer is the most popular sport in the world? That’s right, millions of people enjoy playing and watching soccer being played each and every day. Soccer is not just a popular sport, but a billion dollar a year industry. Some people even say there are more soccer balls in India than rocks. The only problem is that it is a horrible, horrible game and sport and should be outlawed and I’m actually a little put off that you brought it up in the first place. Hooligan.

Fishing Sucks

Fishing has always seemed like too much work to be fun and relaxing. You have to get your gear together and tie on those hooks and bobbers and then bait your hook with disgusting worms or chicken livers. It is smelly and hot and muddy and sticky and infested with bans of marauding mosquito like flies that bite. For the life me I don’t know why anyone would want to go fishing. That being said I do like to eat fish, so there’s that.

The Thoughts in My Head